WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


  • Romman Welocmes E-liquids to it family!

    Romman believes that creativity and expertise are the best combinations to make above extra delicious e-liquids. Our engineers are working well and hard to make magnificent ideas and tastes to perfect the flavored e-liquids that will make your brain melt from the satisfaction. Rich and full taste of many categories of flavors including bakery, tobacco, and fruit mixes  will release huge clouds of vapor and leave the most irresistible sensation in your mouth.
  • Romman Watermelon

    Hello Rommanners, Romman Shisha Tobacco watermelon is an excellent mix and amazing balance between the pulp and the black seeds of the watermelon....
  • Hello Romman Berry Breeze!!!

    Hello Rommaners! One of the most delicious flavors Romman came out with is the Berry Breeze flavor, which is a mix of the berries that nature has ...
  • New Looks, New taste, better cuts, and long lasting

    Hello Rommaners!! Romman shisha tobacco team has been working for a long time now to come up with the new tastes for Romman. New Packages, and bet...
  • Our Black line is finally about to get released!!

    Romman Black line is coming Soon!!!