Romman Watermelon – Romman Shisha

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Romman Watermelon

Hello Rommanners,

Romman Shisha Tobacco watermelon is an excellent mix and amazing balance between the pulp and the black seeds of the watermelon. The smoke is very smooth, and produce big amount clouds of smoke. The bowl will last for more than 3 hours while flavor is still intense. The Romman Shisha Tobacco has changed the cut to become finner and mostly it is a short cut. The Tobacco is juicy.

The Romman shisha tobacco needs to be handled with special care therefore, once Romman Shisha is received, it is strongly advised to be emptied in a jar and then mixed allowing the fresh air to come in between the shisha. The mixing process must be done before you fill a bowl and after you are done filling the bowl

We hope you will enjoy the wonderful tasty and amazing Romman Watermelon.

Happy Smoking Rommaners!!!