Our Story – Romman Shisha

Our Story

Our story started back in 1992 when we were young brothers, we were very passionate about the hookahs and tobaccos. We were just getting into collage and the boom for hookahs and flavored tobacco (moasel) has just started. We were taken into the moasel, one time my friend informed me about this place in the old down town city of Amman that started to get the Double Apple moasel (shisha, tobacco). The place was renting the hookah for 0.5 JOD, I had to sneak out of the house without the knowledge of anyone to go and to try it, the experience was beyond description.

Then my father took us to our home town Nazareth, and there the story started, all our family members were taken by the hookahs and the shisha, and our elder uncles used to call upon us to serve them the coals, and then clean the bowls and prepare new bowls, the bowls used to last between only 20-30 minutes.

When we came back to Amman, we wanted to create a moasel that would last very long, we started to try first mixes, mixing flavors together, and our main problem with the product at the time it used to burn very fast 20-30 minutes and you will need to change the moasel in the bowl again.

We were still college students, yet we kept trying and trying. we brought in the best raw tobacco, added the best ingredients to it and the only thing kept burning fast was the flavor.  We studied a lot, made countless numbers of trials, till 1995 is when we understood how the flavor works, we started to make our own tobacco (in House) and distribute it among friends and family members, and all the feedback were so encouraging that we decided to share the product with the whole world.

We started to sell Romman Shisha in 1999  trying to show and present to every smoker that Romman Shisha Tobacco is a premium hookah shisha tobacco that would last longer while smoking and without having the flavor burnt till after 2 Hours minimum.

Our missions is to deliver:

  1. Longer duration, the smoking session will take above 2 hours without any change to the flavor, hence on theeconomy of scaleone of the best brands to be used in the hookah bars and shisha coffee shops.
  2. A mouthful flavor coming from the Flavor type and characteristics Romman is infusing into the tobacco.
  3. Heavy Clouds, due also to the ingredients that we are using are the best high quality that is available in the markets from French Virginian tobacco, yellow golden color to the vegetarian glycerin and the Honey base we are using hence will allow the shisha hookah lover to enjoy their smoking session to the max.


Today Romman is for Exports markets and is available in many countries like US, Latin America, Europe and the Far East like Japan and Australia.


We are proud of our family and our Middle Eastern Jordanian heritage and of our place in the growing shisha community worldwide. Our philosophy is to introduce an enjoyable long lasting smoking experience with the company of family members and friends.


What started as a passion to produce and smoke premium shisha, has become today one of the major market leaders in the western hemisphere, and yet we will continue to develop Romman till it becomes the available in every hookah, shisha store out there.

We and on behalf of all the employees at Rommanshisha.com, would like to thank everyone, every person whom has believed and still believe in us and in our Romman shisha (moasel), we thank you for supporting us and for buying Romman.